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Meet Our Team

I got into property management thinking I was going to get rich managing property. I got into property management because I knew I was going to own a lot of property and at some point it would make sense for me to have the team and house. That and I am a typical type A, high D personality. My way is the right way, nobody's going to do it as well as I do so I figured I could take this on. I've had a lot of mentors, coaches, and advisers that I've leaned on over the years, and after more than a decade of building this company we have an extremely robust process for managing property.

The unique thing about us is we are owners first and Property Managers second. That means every decision we make is designed to maximize the revenue and asset value for our owners. The management team and contracting staff typically do not know who owns the property they all get treated the same. Which means they all get treated like we own them.

We are also actively buying and rehabbing new rental property every month. This means we have a strong and stable crew of contracting that takes care of us and our clients. You get to take advantage of our long-term relationships with all of our contracting staff. There's not only reduced cost for our owners but decreases the amount of time it takes.

Our in-house maintenance team handles most of the day today maintenance issues reported for our properties. All of the properties we manage receive an automatic hourly rate discount for our in-house maintenance. In addition we have robust troubleshooting that we do with our tenants when they call with standard maintenance issues. Often these problems are solved by us over the phone with the tenant and mean no service call for the owner.

Picture of Darren Hoefgen
Darren Hoefgen Broker

Born and raised in St. Louis, Darren is very familiar with just about every part of the metro area. An active full-time investor and entrepreneur Darren is passionate about helping provide safe quality housing while maximizing investment returns.

In Darren’s previous life he spent 12 years working in corporate America in Information Technology consulting. This means he is always looking for the right technology solution to make the process easier and more efficient for everybody.

With a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from University of Missouri St. Louis, a Masters in International Business from St. Louis University and a lifetime of real world experience thanks to his parents building rental property as a kid, Darren has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer building and growing performing portfolios.